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ABOUT OUREgg Donor Program

Procreate Fertility Center's Egg Donor Program facilitates the anonymous donation of eggs from a donor to a recipient, while keeping the identities of both the donor and recipient confidential.

We have a team of medical professionals educated and experienced in third party reproduction dedicated to this process.

Procreate Fertility Center, and our patients, recognize that donating eggs is a uniquely gracious act. We are committed to ensuring that your experience is rewarding and that you feel valued, respected and safe at all stages of the process. As a participant in Procreate Fertility Center’s Egg Donor Program, appointments are attended locally at our Chesapeake, Newport News or Virginia Beach locations, offering more flexible options for egg donors. You will be provided with an insurance policy.

There are no fees required for any part of the process, as an applicant or donor, in Procreate Fertility Center’s Egg Donor Program. Additionally, there are no penalties or fees for discontinuing the process at any point.



Fill Out Our Online Application Here


Help women or couples, who cannot conceive naturally, fulfill their dream of having a family. Donating sperm is an extremely generous act that can provide the aide that is needed for a couple who is struggling with male infertility issues or an LGBT couple unable to start their family without a sperm donation.


Sperm donors are compensated. Qualified Donors are given $100 upon screening completion for their time. After completion of your first four sperm samples you will be compensated $300 for your time and effort. When your trial period has ended, qualified donors will be compensated per sample.

In addition, there is a generous referral bonus program for any donor who refers a friend who also gets accepted into our program.


Get access to receive a free general health check during their time in our program and beyond. This includes a full physical, blood tests, and extensive genetic testing—all of which help with preventative care. A benefit of this process is that potential sperm donors are tested for a wide array of diseases and infections that otherwise might have gone undiagnosed if not for their interest in sperm donation.


STEP 1Fill out our online application

Basic qualification requirements:
Age 19-38
Legally allowed to work in the U.S
Currently attending or have graduated from a 2-year or 4-year college
Able to commit 2-5 hours per month
Total motile sperm count 20 million (Evaluation performed at PFC at your first appointment)

STEP 2Complete an evaluation

Medical screening and consent

Clinic screening with our staff to complete your medical evaluation and needed testing

*Procreate Sperm Bank only accepts men who can provide specific medical and genetic information on themselves and their family members


STEP 3You are an Official Sperm Donor!

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